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Today Is the Day Music Video

Internet Fight Song Music Video

Civil Disobedience Music Video

LIVE!!! Top of the World w/ Joel from NinjaSpy

Holy Land (An anti-war song)

Worst President Ever Music Video

Worst President Ever

This is a song for the free people of the world.

George W. Bush has said that despite his dismal approval ratings and failed policies that history will have the final word on his presidency. We felt that we should do our part to make sure that history gets it right.

Funk Vigilante is a funk-metal band formed in the summer of 2008. We make funky protest poetry with a heavy dose of hardcore.

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-Ghosty Boy-

Opinion - Ghosty Boy


Opinion is a track from the Ghosty Boy record 'Look on the Bright Side'. The video was made at Pro Jam Spaces here in Victoria, BC. Featuring Sean Herbert-Walker from Kemiztry on guitar. This was the first music video that we did using all original footage.

Hollywood - Ghosty Boy


This was my very first attempt at doing a music video, stitched together from a ton of different sources like some kind of funky Frankenstein. The song 'Hollywood' is also from the Ghosty Boy record 'Look on the Bright Side'.

Funk Vigilante