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Funk Vigilante is officially launched

Posted on 10/31/15

As you may be able to tell by the fact that this site still has links to myspace, Funk V isn't getting the regular update love that it once was.

All the action has been moved over to, so head on over and take a look.

The new site covers all of Ghosty's projects including Funk Vigilante. This site will stay up for the archives and fond memories or whatever.

Today is the Day music Video is OUT NOW!

Posted on 10/24/12

Ladies and gentleman, we are ecstatic to present to you: TODAY IS THE DAY (A short musical about the end of the world).

It's the Apocalypse!

Spread the word and please SHARE with everyone!

Also: Upcoming Funk Vigilante show announcements:

Nanaimo at Headliners Nov 30th!

Victoria at Lucky Bar Dec 20th! (Midnight is the beginning of the end!)

Vancouver at the Railway Club Dec 22nd!

Cheers, everyone! And have a very merry Apocalypse!

New single "Today is the Day is OUT NOW!!

Posted on 10/20/12

Funk Vigilante's new single "Today is the Day" is OUT NOW! Click the link to listen to the music, read lyrics and liner notes and to purchase digital downloads.

This song is about the coming Apocalypse in 2012, so be sure to check it out swiftly because the end-times are upon us!

The single also includes the B-Side "Tankman", which is a celebration of the legendary "Tankman of Tienanmen Square".

These songs are some of the best productions the band has ever put together and we encourage you to listen, leave your feedback and SHARE!

The music video for will be coming out this Wednesday October 24th so stay tuned!

As of this posting Funk Vigilante has the most "liked' video on YouTube!

Posted on 1/22/12

Our anti-censorship opus, the Internet Fight Song is the most "liked" music video on Youtube. Comments on our channel, as well as facebook and twitter have been almost unanamouly supportive, and video is still gaining exposure at a rapid pace!

One time this happened on the Internet

We have gotten support from radio stations, publications, blogs and like-minded communities and it is amazing to be a part of this growing movement for Internet freedom.

We are very inspired that so many people enjoy the music, identify with the message and are joining the fight against censorship and the war for the Internet and freedom of speech. Funk V has started writing for a new record and we hope to have an all new set of funky jams for you as soon as we can crank them out.



Internet Fight Song is over 50,000 views in 3 days!

Posted on 1/19/12

The Internet Fight Song has has gotten over 50,000 views in under 72 hours!

The video was picked up by international esports casters Day9 and Total Biscuit, as well as The Rap News and media outlets too numerous to name! This is the fastest spreading video that the band has ever released.

Obey the Internet! Spread the Video!

You can contribute to the fight against censorship by helping us further spread this video via twiter, facebook, youtube and anywhere else on the web that we can reach people with our message.

Thanks to everyone who has been helping us spread the word!


New Music Video Released

Posted on 1/16/12

The Internet Fight Song music video is now up on Youtube!!!

This is our contribution to the ongoing attempts by governments and corporations to censor and police the Internet. You can help by getting informed on SOPA, PIPA, ACTA and other bills working their way through the system and spreading the word.

And if you like this vid don't forget to spread it around!>

More to come everybody!


Western Canada tour! Funk V featured on Absolute Underground TV and Abortmag!

Posted on 3/20/10

Sorry that we haven't updated this in so long, things are busier than ever for us in 2010. All kinds of great things are happening now. We just announced our first ever Canadian tour in support of our record Civil Disobedience. Check the home page or our myspace for detailed show listings.

We just had the opportunity to play at the Capital City Tattoo convention, the first of it's kind in Victoria and we have a stellar show coming up where we will be sharing the stage with Canadian punk legends Dayglo Abortions and our good friends NinjaSpy!

We are also featured in Episode 5 of Absolute Underground TV AND we got a write-up on our tour in Abortmag! Things are looking good, See you on tour!

See you on tour!


Funk Vigilante's Debut record Civil Disobedience is OUT NOW!

Posted on 10/13/09

We are excited to announce that our first record "Civil Disobedience" is now available online! You can buy the CD here!

Civil Disobedience is Out Now!

We have been working on the record since the band started last summer, and for all of us it is our greatest accomplishment to date. We put everything we have into this and we really hope you enjoy it.

We have a distribution deal in the works as well, so it's going to be available through itunes, amazon and all the major digital retailers, as well as in stores.

The record has been available at our shows for a month or so, and we are all amazed at how well it is selling so far. It's really something when people show up and they already know all the songs. Our last few shows have been completely sold out, and things are looking better than ever. See you at the show!



Funk Vigilante is the Zone Band of the Month

Posted on 08/04/09

Funk Vigilante is being featured all month long on the Zone 91.3fm in Victoria, BC. They are also putting us on their Zone band of the Month headlining slot which will double as our CD Release Party....

Yeah, you heard that right. Our Record "Civil Disobedience" is finally coming out. August 27th at Evolution niteclub is the big CD Release Party. With all this radio promotion it's sure to be epic. Stay tuned for more updates.


Bush Farewell Party

Posted on 01/15/09
Bush Farewell Party featuring Funk Vigilante and Tribal Machine!

We are pleased to be hosting the Bush farewell party with special guests Tribal Machine and Smooch at Evolution this Tuesday at Evolution Niteclub. Please come down and join us for some good old fashioned Bush-bashing fun. See you there!

One more thing: As much as it pains me to say it, our debut record "Civil Disobedience" has been delayed. Yeah, I know, it sucks. We really pushed to get it out on Bush's last day but it just isn't going to happen. However, it's not going to be much longer now. Stay tuned, and we'll let you know as soon as we have the new release date.


CD Release Party kicked ass!

Posted on 12/19/08

Man, we had a wicked time last night. Thanks to all you killer people who braved the snow and ice to come party with us.

Look on the Bright Side is Out Now.

Smooch rocked the house, Vigilante and the boys kicked out our first headlining show, sold a pile of Ghosty Boy records and made some new friends, too.

The funk V record looks like it will be a pretty major release. However, Look on the Bright Side is a strictly underground release. If you are interested in the buying that record just email me personally at GhostyBoy at FunkVigilante dot com and I'll set it up for you.

Next show is opening for Saul on January 10th at Sopranos. Let's rock this bitch.

Look on the Bright Side!

Posted on 12/04/08


Featuring Kemiztry, Smooch and of course, the brothers Funk.

Happy Hall'O'Ween!

Posted on 10/31/08

Huge thanks to all the people who have been watching our video and helping us put the word out!

Vigilante is voted number one on
Vigilante is voted number one on
If you want to be the first to know about new music or videos you can join our mailing list. Don't worry, we only send you updates if we have something cool for you, like a new track or video.

Some good news here. "Worst President Ever" now officially has OVER 9000 views, and the song has been voted to the number one spot on

Keep it real,


Funk Vigilante makes the news!

Posted on 10/16/08

This is just plain wicked! There is an article in the Martlet (Victoria paper) about all the songs about presidential candidates, and they did a couple of paragraphs on the Worst President Ever video! Check it out!

Over 5000 views and climbing right now! We are even starting to get booking offers coming in as well!

Thanks so much to all the people who are helping us spread the word! Keep up the good work, we really appreciate it! We are busting balls in the studio to get you guys an album, and (hopefully) we will be able to release it on the day that Bush leaves office.

Keep in touch, -ghosty-

Worst President Ever video already has over 2000 views!

Posted on 10/10/08

God damn! This video was released two days ago, and between the ExposureRoom version and the YouTube version it already has well over 2000 views!

Matt Long rooftop guitar solo
Matt Long's rooftop solo

Huge thank you from Funk Vigilante to all you cats who are out there spreading the word! Keep up the awesome work. We truly appreciate it.

Cheers, everyone!

Worst President Ever Video is out NOW!

Posted on 10/08/08

We are pleased to bring you our first music video "Worst President Ever". Click here to watch it. Spread it around if you like it!


Funk Vigilante is in the studio

Posted on 09/24/08

We are in the process of recording our first record tentatively called "Civil Disobedience". The drums were recorded at Infinite studios with Adam Sutherland, who produced Kincaide and theset and plays in Armchair Cynics. We are recording the rest of the record with Victoria producer Eric Hogg, who also mixed the Ghosty Boy record 'Look on the Bright Side'.

The album will feature the track 'Worst President Ever' as well as a bunch more funk-metal goodness. We will let everyone know as soon as we have more information on the record release so check back in with us periodically.

Ghosty Boy's record 'Look on the Bright Side is coming soon!(Update: It's Out Now!)

Posted on 09/24/08
Look on the Bright Side Cover

If one record isn't enough be sure to keep an eye out for my solo record 'Look on the Bright Side'. This one is all done and in the final stages of post production so it shouldn't be too long now

This record will features Opinion, Hollywood and 7 more killer tracks featuring guest performances by members of Funk Vigilante and Kemiztry. Not strictly funk-metal (although there is plenty of that as well), these songs run the gamut from punk to country with a little bit of comedy thrown in for good measure.

Be sure to keep in touch with us, we should have a release date on this one pretty soon. Cheers, -Ghosty.

Music Video coming soon

Posted on 09/19/08

We are all pretty stoked up right now. Right now our first music video for the song Worst President Ever is in the process of being edited. It will be released on Exposure Room, and possibly on YouTube as well, in the near future.

Ghosty directs music video
Ghosty on the set of the Worst President Ever Video

On top of that, our first two shows kicked ass (thanks to all the people who attended), and we are in the studio working on our first record, tentatively titled Civil Disobedience.

If you were at one of our shows, or if you like the band don't forget to add us on MySpace so we can keep in touch with you.

Funk Vigilante Live at Lucky Bar, Thursday, September 16th!

Posted on 09/05/08

If you missed our first show here's a wicked chance to check us out again, this time at Lucky opening for "Quoia".

Funk Vigilante's first show at Evolution Niteclub
Funk Vigilante's first show at Evolution Niteclub

Thanks to all the crazy mofos who were at the Evolution show, and the dudes from "Regular People". You were a lovely (and freakin loud!) audience and made us feel really good about our first show. Can't wait to play for you again soon.


Funk Vigilante Debut Show Thursday, September 4th at Evo!

Posted on 08/29/08

Funk Vigilante is about to hit the stage! We are stoked to play our first show here in Victoria at Evo. We are opening up for a heavy metal band called "Regular People".

It's going down Thursday, September 9th at Evolution niteclub. Doors are at 9pm so show up early for a fat dose of brand new funk-metal. See you there!


Music Video Shoot

Posted on 08/25/08

So we threw together a really rough demo of one of our songs and did some filming for a music video last friday. I know that most bands like to finish the album before they start shooting, but we're a little crazy like that. It was pretty intense as we were set was in a precarious place that we weren't necessarily allowed to be hanging around, let alone shooting a rock video. More on that story later, because I'm reserving the right to plead the fifth until I'm certain we are out of the line of fire.

We are back in the studio this week doing more beats, and Dante and I are still working on the website format and layout. Cheers.

Website Under Construction

Posted on 08/19/08

Take a peruse around if you like, but this whole shindig is under heavy construction. Tunes, photos, and Vigi-vids are on their way, but for now, enjoy Ghosty Boy's videos, and the filler content.

(Edit: The website is in much better shape now.)

First Recording Session

Posted on 08/13/08

After a few short months of song writing and rehearsal we have just jumped into Infinite studios with Adam Sutherland to record drums for our debut record "Civil Disobedience". We got 4 tracks worth of beats today, and hopefully we will be back in to record the rest real soon.

Funk Vigilante