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Today is the Day is a hip-hop/alternative/metal anthem celebrating the end of the world. This single includes the b-side Tankman, a track that pays homage to the legend of the Tankman of Tienanmen square.


Funk Vigilante's debut record Civil Disobedience is a record of funk-metal protest music. It is a sonic mutation of rock, metal, industrial, reggae, hip-hop and of course, funk.

The band's signature sound is made up of heavy guitar riffs riding on a backbone of funky bass and drums, complimented by bursts of keyboards and samples. Ghosty Boy's unique voice powers each song with clever poetry, social commentary and humour. The hooks are often chanted by crowd back-up vocals, although some are sewn together with melodic harmonies.

From the funky party vibe of Top of the World to the passionate groove of Holy Land to the angry battle-cry of Revolution, there is one theme that is a constant throughout the entire record, and that is the spirit of freedom.

"The seven songs on Funk Vigilante's first record, Civil Disobedience, are all winners. From the opening cackle of air raid sirens in the title track to the electronic beat down of Riot Police, there isn't a dull second of music.

It's like having that bastard child of Parliament-Funkadelic, The Beastie Boys, and Metallica you've always wanted, even if you didn't know you wanted it in the first place."

-Brady Tighe, writer for The Navigator.


Look on the Bright Side is Ghosty Boy's first solo record shortly before he joined Funk Vigilante. Self-produced using archaic lo-fi equipment, the record features unique and clever tracks including Opinion, Hollywood, Billy and Wendy, Sell-out Song and of course, Look on the Bright Side. This record runs the gamut from punk to country, with hefty doses of metal, funk, grunge and some pop-satire thrown in for good measure!

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